Share your food with someone in need. At no extra cost.

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Donate a meal. Do not pay for it.

Each time you eat in a Help1 partner restaurant you qualify for one meal donation.
The restaurant owner will pay for you to say thank you for being a customer.

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. (Mother Teresa)

How do I know who got my meal?

Your donation can be seen in real time by our Help1 partner charities. Due to the different time zones around the globe there may be some delay before a charity gives your meal to someone in need. You will be notified by email.

Is Help1 a charity?

No. Help1 supports charities and NGOs. Each time you use the Help1 service you will receive a photo as proof that someone got your meal. Your donation is not tax-deductible. But you can see who you helped and where and when.

Is it complicated? - Not at all.

Sign in - enter the restaurant ID code. That's it. Your meal is on its way to a charity worldwide! - It's so fast and easy!

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Our service:
We procure and distribute food donations from the general public to needy people!